I'm japanese flatland rider.
Sorry for my bad english^^;



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tani's vid
Sorry for the lack of updates^^;

I don't know that anybody still see this blog though.

Anyway, sometimes I'll updates BMX things.

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more practice
The day before yesterday Keisuke came to my
riding spot.

Riding during the day is really hard, therefore
this place is good, I hate sunlight.

His riding was pretty going well, I believe that definitely
he wins next contest(Provacup in Hiroshima).

I have to practice more as well.
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Robo's performance!(although last year's video)
That's entertainment♪

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spa beach festival
Now Spabeach festival is holding in our city(Beppu).

Yesterday was the day which performed BMX show by
team Roboribo.

Member are Robo(boss of our local) and Keisuke(KOG's
pro rider) and Makkey(MC).

Their show is really awesome, especially Robo's
performance, genuine professional I guess.

That was very helpful, I want to join the BMX show.

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summer memory
These pics are last summer's event.

BMX is really fun isn't it^^?
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Keisuke Tanigawa
Here's short clip.
Probably this is two years ago.
Last trick is his original.

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The day before yesterday I went to "Jungle park"
to ride with Minami.

He always motivate me because when I ride with him,
he everytime evolves.


I hate ultraviolet rays.
It's so hot though・・

Sometimes I drink a sake while I'm practicing
such a hot day^^;

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under23 in Yokohama

I'm really proud to Japanese flatland scene♪

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no title

Basically I ride 90% by myself.
Once, there were five or six flatland rider
in my local(Beppu city).
But everyone quitted because they were, like, married,
and changed other sports, work and things like that.
Of course I don't care, I like to ride alone as well.
In saying that, sometimes I'm sick and tired of it.
So I occasionaly wanna ride with someone.
That's why I enter the contest.
Currently I'm going to enter the Prova cup where
is held in Hiroshima in August and Miyazaki's contest too.
I can't wait♪
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Oita rider's video!
This is link of Oita rider's video.


This was filmed by Tanigawa's girlfriend.

Part of Tanigawa is amaging, and I really like
Kira's combo.
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